Advertising on Werewolf Erotica Stories

Are you an author of a werewolf book and want to see it on here? Maybe you just want a review of your book, tell about it, or buy a banner ad? You can do all that here, that is what this site is all about!

Basically there are 4 ways to get your books or link seen here. They are:

1. Very top of the site banner, seen on every page. $15.00 per month
2. “Featured author” spot at the top of the home page. $30.00 per month
3. First banner ad spot in the sidebar seen on all pages. $15.00 per month
4. Book reviews, or basically a sales pitch for your book. $10.00 per review

Advertising your werewolf books1. The banner to the left is the very top banner ad spot. I will change it to your author name and link it to your author page, website or book, whatever you want.

2. The spot to the left is the “featured author” spot. It shows on the home page, which gets the most traffic. I will put a blurb about the author in it, a picture of one of your books with a link to it, and several more links to other books you may have if you have anymore. Plus a link to your author page. Best advertising spot on the home page!

3. The spot to your left is the top banner spot in the sidebar. On the home page it shows up just below the featured author spot. However on all other pages it shows up as the very first spot in the right hand side in the sidebar.

It shows on every page. I will put a picture of whatever book you want to show there, with a link to that book or your author page or website; good spot.

4. I also have a werewolf book review section, or rather a book advertising section. I make my own book reviews there from time to time. But you can make your own review of your book, tell about it and promote it with your own words.

Just write what you want to say about your book in a word doc and email it along with a picture of your book cover to me. I will then post it in the werewolf book review section.

Payment and contact info

I take all credit cards and PayPal for payment. If your interested in one of the 4 types of advertising on here, just send me an email at:

In your email tell me what one you want to buy. I will then send an invoice to pay to your email address via PayPal. You can then pay it with a credit card, debit card or by PayPal. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account.

Then send me any book cover pictures, blurbs or text you want me to use in your advertising and I will have it up within 24 hours. Thanks!