Gay Werewolf Erotica Stories

It may surprise some, but there is a nice selection of gay werewolf erotica books out there. It makes sense, you want to read steamy erotica dealing with werewolves just like anyone else.

But for gays a story about two alpha males having kinky werewolf sex is a bigger turn on. Or an alpha werewolf and a submissive one, or maybe a whole pack orgy! Whatever you like in gay werewolf stories, you can find the best below.

Some of these authors have a nice series of books, or full length novels that have both romance and erotica in them for gays. You can pick from short, down and dirty gay werewolf sex stories to wonderful romance erotica gay werewolf novels.

Werewolf erotic sex storiesWerewolf sex eroticaWerewolf sex erotica

Marcy Jacks is a well known author of a lot of gay werewolf books. They include some long werewolf romance novels as well as erotica shorts. Handcuffed to the Werewolf is a bit of both at 75 pages long.

The Mark of an Alpha by author Kim Dare is a steamy gay werewolf book. Good length also at 102 pages. If you want to read some hot gay werewolf sex you’ll get it in this book!

I don’t know much about the author Tedi Sinclair. The Ugly Wolfling however seems to be a mix of romance and erotica for gays. It’s part of the Siren Publishing Classic ManLove so it should be good.

Werewolf erotic sex storiesWerewolf sex eroticaWerewolf sex erotica

Charlie Richards has a long list of gay books, not all of them werewolf. Gustav’s Gargoyle Adventures seems to be another mix of romance and erotica that looks interesting.

Gay November is a flat out gay werewolf sex book, no excuses! Author Della July has put three hot gay stories together in one book for a kinky collection of gay sex adventures, including one werewolf story.

Quinn Cimarron is an author who makes some good steamy gay books. Captive Alpha II: Marked by the Alpha is a kinky gay werewolf short story with plenty of sex and bondage if that’s what your looking for!

Werewolf erotic sex storiesWerewolf sex eroticaWerewolf sex erotica

Yet another book by Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove with author Marcy Jacks, The Werewolf Love Slave and the Vampire Prince is a gay werewolf romance erotica novel I’m sure you’d like.

The Alpha’s Pet by author Shannon West is an interesting gay werewolf novel with plenty of sex and erotica. It seems to have some cool twist to it so I recommend checking it out.

One more for author Marcy Jacks, The Blind Werewolf Assassin is yet another kinky gay wolf book with a unique twist of a blind werewolf. Has some romance as well as erotica, so take a peek at it.

You can find hundreds of other gay werewolf books and stories, these are just a sample. Check out the link below to see all the great gay werewolf romance and erotica books.

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