Thrown to the Wolves, werewolf erotica book review

Thrown to the Wolves book review
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Thrown to the Wolves, the first volume of the Wolf Mountain werewolf sex series, is a bestselling novel that will grab your attention from the first page.

The story is about Emily and Aylen, two girls who go on a trip through the mountains and look at a wolf pack in the area. They can’t figure out why the wolves are not mating. It’s almost as if they’ve caught the scent of something more attractive.

Aya Fukunishi, author of Thrown to the Wolves, is an eccentric writer who lives in Bangkok. She brings her darkest fantasies on the pages of her books, writing on any topic that will get her readers hot.

Thrown to the Wolves is an original novel loaded with hot sex, werewolf orgies, and werewolf porn. Read how two horny teen girls are abused and fucked by a wolf pack in a race between danger and indecision.

Aylen has been raised in the hills and worked as a ski instructor. Emily was the epitome of a city girl. The two girls have become friends while fantasizing about each other. As soon as the wolves felt their scent, they are attacked. They began to prowl from the darkness and run after the girls.

They’ve fucked them hard and fast, spreading loads of cum all over their bodies. This is what erotica should be like. If you’re searching for a great book that will delight your senses and bring your secret fantasies to life, make sure you read Thrown to the Wolves today.