Werewolf, Breeding The Virgins Trilogy book review

Werewolf, Breeding the Virgins Trilogy book review
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Werewolf, breeding the virgins trilogy is an erotic collection of three werewolf short story books with a common thread. “Werewolf, Virgin Offering” tells the erotic tale of Emily, the young virgin niece of the mayor in a small settlement of long ago. A feared werewolf pack has a deal with the settlement humans to take a virgin each year from them in return for keeping the peace.

In the sacrifice the virgin is taken by the alpha male in a wild, lustful orgy with the pack and transformed into one of them. But the mayor is determined to save her from the savage event; will he succeed?

In the second book “Werewolf, Taming of the Queen” tells the tale of a savage werewolf queen that has set her lustful eyes on Patience, a beautiful young virgin of another settlement.

But her sister Alice thinks she has discovered a way to stop the werewolf sacrifices once and for all and save her sister. Will she, or will Patience also succumb to the kinky sexual orgy of the wolves and become one of the pack?

Finally “Werewolf, Toyed and Taken” tells the story of sexy and petite Lucy, a girl with kinky desires and a high sex drive. Set in the future the werewolf pack has disappeared with modern times.

But they still live among us in the shadows of the city. Lucy is determined to track them down and mate with them, becoming a sex slave to their lustful desires. Will her fantasies come true once she finds them, or will they kill her instead?

This trilogy contains kinky sex, orgies, bondage and other adult situations. It is NOT for minors. If you enjoy erotic werewolf stories, these three will satisfy you!