Redwood Pack Vol 1 werewolf book review

Werewolf Redwood pack book review
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Redwood Pack Vol 1 (An Alpha’s Path) is one of the most interesting and fascinating werewolf erotica books out there. The story starts off with Melanie, a twenty-five year old chemist who has spent her whole life studying and building her career. When she goes on a blind date, she is immediately attracted to the hot man before her.

Fun, intriguing, and sexy at the same time, Kade is the Alpha of the Redwood werewolves. He sees in Melanie a possible mate. Will she be able to accept that werewolves exist?

Her petite curves and vanilla scent make Kade’s wolf salivate. His last relationship ended with an empty feeling in his soul. After one night of passion, their worlds turn upside down.

Author Carrie Ann Ryan brings her story to life with lots of sexual tension, humor, and beautifully vivid imagery. An Alpha’s Path, the first book in the Redwood Pack series, is a bestselling novel that will keep you interested and wanting more.

You will fall in love with Melanie and the Redwood Pack, a loving, loyal and supportive werewolf family that fights again evil.

An Alpha’s Path offers not only a great story and intriguing characters, but lots of sexual tension and kinky fantasies. If you ever wanted to let your inner vixen out and bring your deepest fantasies to life, this book is for you.

Find out how it feels to have sex with a werewolf and how far love can travel. Let Melanie and Kade guide you through this fantastic journey and get ready for an original, intriguing story that will take your breath away!