YouTube Werewolf Book Reviews Videos

Did you know that they now make Youtube video werewolf book reviews? Well they do, so I thought I’d make a page of them so you can check them out. Maybe you’ll decide to try out one of the books after you see the video review.

Or maybe the werewolf Youtube video review will make you decide not to buy one. Each one is put together a bit differently. Some are a bit crude while others have some cool effects.

The first one below is a video review of “Pack of Lies” by author Vanessa Vaughn. She did a pretty good job of it, so check it out!

The second werewolf video review below is a bit different. It was made by the company Book By You and features a werewolf novel you can buy that stars you in it!

It’s a cool twist that makes the book personalized for you. A girl is swept back in time to join a dashing detective on the hunt for a serial killer,,, or is it a werewolf!

The next Youtube werewolf book video trailer below is called Eternal Moon, by author Rebecca York. A goddess and a werewolf meet throughout the ages, always to be torn apart by evil.

So the werewolf man must find a way stop it so they can be together at last. Sounds like a pretty cool werewolf romance novel, check it out.

Finally we have a video review of the book Werewolf, Breeding the Virgins Trilogy. This book has three different werewolf stories in one that loosely blend together.

The first one takes place long ago, the second a bit later and then the last one in modern times. Lots of erotic werewolf sex and twist surprises, check it out as I’m sure you’ll love it!

I hope you enjoyed these Youtube werewolf book review videos. More and more werewolf erotica authors are making their own video book reviews these days.

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